Power Lock Power-Locks offer extreme clamping power from a keyless locking product. The precision made twice taper design as simple since it is powerful. Obtainable in bore sizes from 19 to 500mm, Power-Locks can attach any rotational component.

Disadvantage of ‘Poor In shape’:

The process of fixing the fit by machining the keyway into the shaft is tedious, permanent and expensive.
It reduces the strength and amount of torque confirmed shaft size can transmit.
Interference fits or perhaps welds avoid the operator from having the ability to easily remove the shaft from the hub for repair or replacement.
Avoid costly interruptions in your operation! has the remedy for you… ’s Power-Locks! is a innovator within the power transmission industry in the quest to get a better approach to connect parts to shafts.


Well-engineered, adjustable and affordable device that solves engineering and maintenance difficulties associated with other connection alternatives.
Shaft-to-hub friction connection that depends on concentric area pressure to affix gears, sprockets, and other travel parts to a motor-driven shaft.
It helps to eliminate problems with keyway connections and limitation for QD and tapered bushings.
The frictional, keyless system allows transmission of high-torque and axial loads, and accommodate reversing, dynamic or shock loading.
Available in both Inch and Metric sizes in a variety of styles.

Permits easy attachment of shaft to hub without time and money spent on machining or perhaps extra assembly labour.
Provides solid interconnection between the hub and the shaft by utilizing a keyless mechanical interference in shape to transmit torque or withstand axial thrust.
The pressure created through the mechanical interference expands the Power-Lock to get rid of the gap between your hub and the shaft; the friction relationship between the Power-Lock and the shaft/hub make a zero backlash connection.
Easy installation also allows the hub to end up being positioned more accurately about the shaft, and will facilitate angular timing of the hub.
Power-Locks works extremely well in such prevalent applications as the connection of timing pulleys, sheaves, conveyor pulleys, indexing applications, sprockets, gears, cams, levers, motors and hydraulics, clutches and brakes and flange couplings.
PowerLock connectors are plastic-type material bodied solitary pole connectors for work with in high electrical power, low voltage applications. With current rankings of either 400amp or 660amp, the connectors will be keyed to avoid connections with the wrong line, and color coded to meet up various international 3 period electrical standards. Body types incorporate those for panel mounting or for fitting to an array of copper cables up to 300mm². An array of gadgets and network connection units can be found to enhance the range.
Power Lock external locking mechanisms are simple to use-even by low temperatures so when wearing gloves
in. foam grasp and a wide, padded wrist loop make sure a comfortable and secure maintain; cork knob unscrews to produce a monopod camera mount
Small-diameter trekking basket helps maintain the carbide idea from sinking into soft dirt and sand
3-section shaft reaches 55 in. and collapses to 27 in.
The PowerLock is a light-weight, money-saving air valve that reduces energy use by avoiding airflow between vehicles and minimizing peak load charges. It reduces noise amounts, and when built with automatic-sensing technology, it can either delay or get rid of drying for pick-up beds or soft-leading convertibles. The PowerLock surroundings valve car wash electricity saver puts more money back your pocket while creating a quieter and safer environment in your tunnel.