American standard series roller chains (A-Series) is one of the most common types of roller chains used in the world. These chains are manufactured to ANSI B29 standards as well as ISO and DIN standards so they will directly interchange with other manufacturers. We stock simplex through octaplex American standard roller chains as well as the accompanying connecting links, offset links, and roller links. Additionally, we stock a full line of attachments for these chains as well as a premium line of American standard roller chain sprockets.


Below is a table that shows the standard stock chain sizes. Please note that each part number is a clickable link to the product page its self.

ISO/ DIn #
Pitch (P)
Roller Diameter (D)
Width (W)
Pin Diameter (E)
Pin Length (L)
Pin Length (A)
Plate Height (H)
Plate Thickness (T)
Transversal Pitch (V)
Avg. Tensile Strength
Weight Per Meter
04C-1 6.350mm 3.30mm 3.18mm 2.31mm 7.90mm 8.40mm 6.00mm 0.80mm 4.6 kN 0.15 kg
04C-2 6.350mm 3.30mm 3.18mm 2.31mm 14.5mm 15.0mm 6.00mm 0.80mm 6.40mm 8.6 kN 0.28 kg
04C-3 6.350mm 3.30mm 3.18mm 2.31mm 21.0mm 21.5mm 6.00mm 0.80mm 6.40mm 12.6 kN 0.44 kg
06C-1 9.525mm 5.08mm 4.77mm 3.58mm 12.40mm 13.17mm 9.00mm 1.30mm 10.8 kN 0.33 kg
06C-2 9.525mm 5.08mm 4.77mm 3.58mm 22.5mm 23.3mm 9.00mm 1.30mm 10.13mm 19.7 kN 0.63 kg
06C-3 9.525mm 5.08mm 4.77mm 3.58mm 32.7mm 33.5mm 9.00mm 1.30mm 10.13mm 28.6 kN 1.05 kg
08A-1 12.700mm 7.95mm 7.85mm 3.96mm 16.60mm 17.80mm 12.00mm 1.50mm 17.5 kN 0.62 kg
08A-2 12.700mm 7.95mm 7.85mm 3.96mm 31.0mm 32.2mm 12.00mm 1.50mm 14.38mm 35.9 kN 1.12 kg
08A-3 12.700mm 7.95mm 7.85mm 3.96mm 45.4mm 46.6mm 12.00mm 1.50mm 14.38mm 50.0 kN 1.90 kg
08A-4 12.700mm 7.95mm 7.85mm 3.96mm 59.8mm 61.0mm 12.00mm 1.50mm 14.38mm 62.04 kN 2.57 kg
08A-5 12.700mm 7.95mm 7.85mm 3.96mm 74.2mm 75.4mm 12.00mm 1.50mm 14.38mm 77.5 kN 3.19 kg
08A-6 12.700mm 7.95mm 7.85mm 3.96mm 88.5mm 89.8mm 12.00mm 1.50mm 14.38mm 93.06 kN 3.83 kg
08A-8 12.700mm 7.95mm 7.85mm 3.96mm 117.3mm 118.5mm 12.00mm 1.50mm 14.38mm 124.08 kN 5.11 kg
10A-1 15.875mm 10.16mm 9.40mm 5.08mm 20.70mm 22.20mm 15.09mm 2.03mm 29.4 kN 1.02 kg
10A-2 15.875mm 10.16mm 9.40mm 5.08mm 38.9mm 40.4mm 15.09mm 2.03mm 18.11mm 58.1 kN 2.00 kg
10A-3 15.875mm 10.16mm 9.40mm 5.08mm 57.0mm 58.5mm 15.09mm 2.03mm 18.11mm 77.8 kN 3.09 kg
10A-4 15.875mm 10.16mm 9.40mm 5.08mm 75.1mm 76.6mm 15.09mm 2.03mm 18.11mm 97.68 kN 4.30 kg
10A-5 15.875mm 10.16mm 9.40mm 5.08mm 93.2mm 94.7mm 15.09mm 2.03mm 18.11mm 122.10 kN 5.37 kg
10A-6 15.875mm 10.16mm 9.40mm 5.08mm 111.3mm 112.8mm 15.09mm 2.03mm 18.11mm 146.52 kN 6.43 kg
10A-8 15.875mm 10.16mm 9.40mm 5.08mm 147.5mm 149.0mm 15.09mm 2.03mm 18.11mm 195.36 kN 8.59 kg
12A-1 19.050mm 11.91mm 12.57mm 5.94mm 25.90mm 27.70mm 18.00mm 2.42mm 41.5 kN 1.50 kg
12A-2 19.050mm 11.91mm 12.57mm 5.94mm 48.8mm 50.5mm 18.00mm 2.42mm 22.78mm 82.1 kN 2.92 kg
12A-3 19.050mm 11.91mm 12.57mm 5.94mm 71.5mm 73.3mm 18.00mm 2.42mm 22.78mm 111.1 kN 4.54 kg
12A-4 19.050mm 11.91mm 12.57mm 5.94mm 94.4mm 96.1mm 18.00mm 2.42mm 22.78mm 139.92 kN 6.21 kg
12A-5 19.050mm 11.91mm 12.57mm 5.94mm 117.0mm 118.8mm 18.00mm 2.42mm 22.78mm 174.90 kN 7.75 kg
12A-6 19.050mm 11.91mm 12.57mm 5.94mm 139.8mm 141.8mm 18.00mm 2.42mm 22.78mm 209.80 kN 9.31 kg
12A-8 19.050mm 11.91mm 12.57mm 5.94mm 185.8mm 187.6mm 18.00mm 2.42mm 22.78mm 279.84 kN 12.37 kg
16A-1 25.400mm 15.88mm 15.75mm 7.92mm 32.70mm 35.00mm 24.00mm 3.25mm 69.4 kN 2.60 kg
16A-2 25.400mm 15.88mm 15.75mm 7.92mm 62.7mm 64.3mm 24.00mm 3.25mm 29.29mm 141.8 kN 5.15 kg
16A-3 25.400mm 15.88mm 15.75mm 7.92mm 91.7mm 93.6mm 24.00mm 3.25mm 35.76mm 198.4 kN 7.89 kg
16A-4 25.400mm 15.88mm 15.75mm 7.92mm 121.0mm 124.4mm 24.00mm 3.25mm 35.76mm 249.48 kN 10.37 kg
16A-5 25.400mm 15.88mm 15.75mm 7.92mm 149.9mm 153.7mm 24.00mm 3.25mm 35.76mm 311.85 kN 12.96 kg
16A-6 25.400mm 15.88mm 15.75mm 7.92mm 179.2mm 183.0mm 24.00mm 3.25mm 35.76mm 374.22 kN 15.50 kg
16A-8 25.400mm 15.88mm 15.75mm 7.92mm 237.8mm 241.6mm 24.00mm 3.25mm 35.76mm 498.96 kN 20.67 kg
20A-1 31.750mm 19.05mm 18.90mm 9.53mm 40.40mm 44.70mm 30.00mm 4.00mm 109.2 kN 3.91 kg
20A-2 31.750mm 19.05mm 18.90mm 9.53mm 76.4mm 80.5mm 30.00mm 4.00mm 35.76mm 219.4 kN 7.80 kg
20A-3 31.750mm 19.05mm 18.90mm 9.53mm 112.2mm 116.3mm 30.00mm 4.00mm 35.76mm 309.6 kN 11.77 kg
24A-1 38.100mm 22.23mm 25.22mm 11.10mm 50.30mm 54.30mm 35.70mm 4.80mm 156.3 kN 5.62 kg
24A-2 38.100mm 22.23mm 25.22mm 11.10mm 95.8mm 99.7mm 35.70mm 4.80mm 45.44mm 314.9 kN 11.70 kg
24A-3 38.100mm 22.23mm 25.22mm 11.10mm 141.4mm 145.2mm 35.70mm 4.80mm 45.44mm 432.2 kN 17.53 kg
28A-1 44.450mm 25.40mm 25.22mm 12.70mm 54.40mm 59.00mm 41.00mm 5.60mm 212.0 kN 7.50 kg
28A-2 44.450mm 25.40mm 25.22mm 12.70mm 103.3mm 107.9mm 41.00mm 5.60mm 48.87mm 427.5 kN 15.14 kg
28A-3 44.450mm 25.40mm 25.22mm 12.70mm 152.2mm 156.8mm 41.00mm 5.60mm 48.87mm 593.3 kN 22.20 kg
32A-1 50.800mm 28.58mm 31.55mm 14.27mm 64.80mm 69.60mm 47.80mm 6.40mm 278.9 kN 10.10 kg
32A-2 50.800mm 28.58mm 31.55mm 14.27mm 123.3mm 128.1mm 47.80mm 6.40mm 58.55mm 562.4 kN 20.14 kg
32A-3 50.800mm 28.58mm 31.55mm 14.27mm 181.8mm 186.6mm 47.80mm 6.40mm 58.55mm 780.6 kN 30.02 kg
36A-1 57.150mm 35.71mm 35.48mm 17.46mm 72.80mm 78.60mm 53.60mm 7.20mm 341.8 kN 13.45 kg
36A-2 57.150mm 35.71mm 35.48mm 17.46mm 138.6mm 144.4mm 53.60mm 7.20mm 65.84mm 695.0 kN 29.22 kg
36A-3 57.150mm 35.71mm 35.48mm 17.46mm 204.4mm 210.2mm 53.60mm 7.20mm 65.84mm 983.6 kN 38.22 kg
40A-1 63.500mm 39.68mm 37.85mm 19.85mm 80.30mm 87.20mm 60.00mm 8.00mm 431.6 kN 16.15 kg
40A-2 63.500mm 39.68mm 37.85mm 19.85mm 151.9mm 158.8mm 60.00mm 8.00mm 71.55mm 877.4 kN 32.24 kg
40A-3 63.500mm 39.68mm 37.85mm 19.85mm 223.5mm 230.4mm 60.00mm 8.00mm 71.55mm 1217.8 kN 49.03 kg
48A-1 76.200mm 47.63mm 47.35mm 23.81mm 95.50mm 103.00mm 72.39mm 9.50mm 622.5 kN 23.20 kg
48A-2 76.200mm 47.63mm 47.35mm 23.81mm 183.4mm 190.8mm 72.39mm 9.50mm 87.83mm 1255.3 kN 45.23 kg
48A-3 76.200mm 47.63mm 47.35mm 23.81mm 271.3mm 278.6mm 72.39mm 9.50mm 87.83mm 1756.5 kN 71.60 kg