Roller chain is often associated with metal links, but USA Roller Chain & Sprockets has alternatives for your low-power transmission applications. Consider plastic drive chain products for conveyance purposes. They offer a mixture of lightweight parts, reliable operation and reasonable prices. A popular choice is the nylon variety. Add them to your food-processing line to see fewer issues along the conveyor pathway. It resists any creeping while remaining solidly in place with the adjoining sprockets.

Try heavy-duty plastic chain in acetal too. It fights off abrasion, chemical changes and remains in place. You ask a lot of your plastic roller chain. USA Roller Chain is pleased to support you as one of the top plastic roller chain suppliers. Assemble and disassemble the plastic power transmission chain as necessary. There are no complicated tools needed. Balance out your conveyance system with plastic chain that resists thermal changes and other effects today.

Fully manufactured plastic roller chain is a standard in-stock item. It is available in ANSI #25, #35, and #40 sizes. We have these chains on the shelf in acetal, derlin, kynar, nylatron, and polypropylene material options. Plastic roller chains are in stock as 10ft boxes but can be supplied in other lengths upon request. We can also manufacture other sizes of plastic roller chain upon request. It is important to note that because of the construction of the plastic roller chain, additional connecting links are not needed. The pin links have the capability of being dis-assembled and re-assembled.