Incline Sidewall Conveyor Rubber Belt

sidewall rubber conveyor belt

Sidewall conveyor belt is designed with two corrugated facet walls molded to cross rigid base belt. they are cross rigid base generating use of specially created fabrics which gives maximum steadiness in the transverse direction, in the long run, ensuing in for far better return facet support. 

Side Wall Belts are designed for Zero spillage and to felicitate more quickly and bulk content handling, four times in comparison to regular conveyor belting in terms of transporting ability.


Item Description
Carcass Supplies:  2~6 levels CC or TN/C canvas
tensile toughness: 10mpa, 15mpa, 17mpa, 20mpa, 24mpa, 25mpa,
grade: Z, W, M, N, MOR. 

1. low routine maintenance value
2. Large transport potential, and it can keep away from substance spilling effetely                                        
3. The belt can facilitate switching from horizontal to inclined conveying 
from inclined to horizontal conveying                         

4.It will save a good deal place as it makes it possible for materials conveying at 0°-90°

5.Reduced electrical power specifications and smooth managing

six.Broad assortment of materials dealing with

seven.Practically Zero Spillage

Specification and complex information of rubber conveyor belt:

Strength(N/mm) Protect thick
Warp Weft 2ply 3ply 4ply 5ply 6ply Higher Upper
EP EP EP EP-100 .seventy five two hundred 300 four hundred 500 600 1.5~12 ~four.five 400~2500 ≤300
EP-a hundred and fifty .eight three hundred 450 600 750 900
EP-200 .9 four hundred 600 800 a thousand 1200 500~2500
EP-250 one.fifteen 500 750 one thousand 1250 1500
EP-three hundred one.twenty five 900 1200 1500 1800
EP-400 one.forty five 1600 2000 2400 800~2500
EP-500 one.fifty five 2000 2500 3000

The cleat is made of enforced material, strong, anti-shock to keep away from distortion.
cleat types T, TS, C, TC and TCS.
“TS” and “TCS” cleat are normally utilized for abrasion problem
“T” and “TS” cleat are typically utilised up to forty diploma
“TC” and “TCS” are generally used from forty diploma to 90
(c) the stage of :2-10 
(d) plastic protect: Face :one.five-eight mm non-Face: mm-four.5mm

CZPT Data for Sidewall CZPT Belt

Base Belt Width B(mm) Sidewall Height H(mm) Cleat Peak H1(mm) Bf(mm) Br(mm) R(mm)
three hundred forty 35 twenty five one hundred eighty 35
sixty fifty five 50 one hundred twenty 40
eighty 75
400 sixty fifty five fifty a hundred and eighty sixty
80 seventy five
100 ninety
500 80 75 fifty 250 75
one hundred ninety
120 110
650 100 ninety fifty 350 a hundred
  a hundred and twenty 110
  a hundred and sixty 140 75 300  
800 one hundred twenty a hundred and ten fifty 460 120
160 a hundred and forty 75 410
two hundred 180
one thousand one hundred sixty one hundred forty seventy five 550 150
200 one hundred eighty
240 220
1200 one hundred sixty a hundred and forty 75 690 a hundred and eighty
two hundred one hundred eighty
240 220
300 280 one zero five 630
1400 two hundred one hundred eighty seventy five 830 210
240 220
300 280 105 770
400 360
1600 200 one hundred eighty 75 970 240
240 220
300 280 a hundred and five 910
four hundred 360
1800 240 220 seventy five 1110 270
three hundred 280 one hundred and five 1050
four hundred 360
500 460 a hundred twenty five 1571

packing and delivery

one. supply require three-4 months to complete 1 container.
2. packing use metal monitor to pack and repair the belt 

Our belt varieties :

No. Rubber CZPT Belt
one CZPT Belt for CZPT Function
one.1 EP(polyester) CZPT Belt:
1.2 NN(Nylon) CZPT Belt :
one.three Cotton CZPT Belt:
CC-fifty six
one.4 Steel Wire CZPT Belt:
2 CZPT Belt for Particular Objective
two.1 Heat Resistant CZPT Belt
2.two Higher Temperature CZPT Belt
two.three Hearth Retardant CZPT Belt
2.4 Cold Resistant CZPT Belt
two.5 Oil Resistant CZPT Belt
2.6 Chemical Resistant CZPT Belt
3 Chevron CZPT Belt
4 Bucket CZPT CZPT Belt
six Flat Transmission Belt

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Incline Sidewall Conveyor Rubber Belt