High Pressure Laminate Solid Color Sheet

Product description: Compact Laminate Board/Sheet(HPL)
1) Completed by means of impregnating attractive paper and kraft paper in melamine then drying at large temperature and large force
two) Fantastic resistance to abrasion, higher temperatures, dirt, shock, cigarette ignition and open up flames
3) Exceptional mould-evidence efficiency
four) Can be employed as an indoor and outdoor surface area attractive materials
five) Wide software and fantastic industry potential

one) Measurement:
A) four x 8′ (1, 220 x 2, 440mm)
B) 3 x 7′ (910 x 2, 150mm)
C) four x 10′ (one, 220 x 3, 050mm)
D) five x 12′ (1, 525 x 3, 660mm)
2) Thickness: two-25mm
three) Complete: Shiny, tremendous matte (quarry), velour, or according to customers’
four) Colours: Sound coloration, translucent, metallic, wooden grain

300PCS/pallet + wooden situation, or in accordance to customers’ unique demands

Weideda Manufacturer Attractive Laminate is created from specific papers impregnated with resins and bonded with each other beneath higher heat and force. Weideda Brand name Decorative Laminate is the normal selection for a lot of diversified applications. Our CZPT Purpose Laminate can be labeled by:

Horizontal Quality(HGS) is developed for each horizontal and vertical inside apps exactly where the surface need to be practical, resilient and decorative. It is most usually utilized for function floor on counters, vanities and desks and tables. Normal vertical makes use of incorporate surfacing for wall panels, tellers cages and the entrance panels of operate stations, this sort of as people in chain sales retailers, hospitals, airports and restaurants.

Vertical Quality(VGS) is supposed for vertical apps the place functional, resilient, attractive surface area which absorbs much less affect than a comparable horizontal floor. Vertical grade laminate is the normal selection for cupboard partitions, doors and drawer panels. It frequently appears on the vertical surfaces of desk eating places booths.

Put up forming Grade(HGP) is meant for use on vertical and horizontal interior surfaces where it is needed or fascinating to roll the laminate on a basic radius over the edge of the surface. Shaped edges for counters, desk tops, cupboard doorways and drawer panels are common purposes of put up forming laminate. It eliminates seams and leaves an eye-catching surface area.


High Pressure Laminate Solid Color Sheet