Forged Bucket Elevator Conveyor Special Chain with ISO Approved

CZPT chain products have high specifications on putting on resistance and tensile power. For this goal, we carry out secondary warmth treatment method for the rollers and bushings. The two chain elements are firstly carburized, and then undergo secondary warmth remedy to supply improved surface hardness and core part toughness. These processes ensure enhanced crushing energy.
As this range of roller chain is mostly utilised for materials lifting in vertical path, there is a higher prerequisite on its framework firmness so as to avert the chain getting loosening up. To meet this requirement, we manufacture the solution elements with optimized allowance to guarantee prefect match, and meanwhile, a hydraulic push is applied to assemble the chain parts.
Our elevator chain is commonly employed in cement, mining, grain processing, road design, and steelworks industries. It assists substance elevating, and is accommodate to significant functioning environments. It functions generally even if it is connected with heavy dust and difficult particles.

Chain No. Pitch P (mm) Diameter of roller d1 (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (mm) Size of pin b2 (mm) Inner width of interior url b1(min) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (mm) Peak of sidebar h2 (mm) Height of connected plate h2 (mm) Tensile energy Q (min.)(KN)
NE design lifting chain for elevators
NE15-one zero one.6 101.6 26.5 eleven.5 70 27 six 35 35 128.1
NE30-152.four 152.four 35 15.5 ninety 36.five eight fifty fifty 245
NE50-152.four 152.4 35 fifteen.5 ninety 36.5 eight 50 a hundred and ten 245
NE100-two hundred two hundred forty two one hundred twenty fifty one.8 ten 60 125 375
NE150-two hundred 200 48.5 22.23 a hundred and twenty 57.8 10 60 125 375
NE300-250 250 70 35 a hundred sixty five 75 sixteen a hundred a hundred and fifty 450
NE300-250A 250 sixty three.5 31.75 146 67.4 12 ninety a hundred and fifty 450
NP152.four 152.4 357 15.88 88 38 7.9 45 105 245
FE12600 152.four 35 15.88 86 36.five 7.nine forty five a hundred and twenty 245
NE100/2L 200 44.five 19.05 114 53 10 60 a hundred twenty five 400
NE150-B/2L two hundred 44.five 19.05 114 fifty three 10 60 one hundred twenty five four hundred
NE200/2L 250 sixty three.five 31.seventy five 140 67.four 12 90 150 750
9060 G4/4L 152.4 34.93 19.05 94.five 38.1 9.five 50.eight 120 312
P152.4-A/2L 152.4 36 seventeen.33 85 36.5 8 fifty one hundred and five one hundred sixty
DK 19200M G4/2L 200 38.1 fifteen.77 86 36.5 8 forty five 125 312
NE150-A/2L two hundred forty eight.five 22.23 122 fifty seven.6 ten 75 one hundred twenty five 529
P152.4 3L 152.four 31.seventy five 15.77 109 54 9.6 38.1 139.7 a hundred forty five
P125/2L a hundred twenty five fifty two 17 80 31 eight 580 a hundred 219.52
FE12600-S/2L 152.four 34.93 15.88 86 36.five 7.9 45 a hundred and twenty 160
NE150/2L two hundred 48.5 22.23 118 57.6 10 seventy five a hundred twenty five 529
NE300-250/2L 250 70 35 165 seventy five sixteen a hundred 150 1107
P152.four/2L 152.4 35.7 15.88 88 38 seven.nine 45 a hundred and five a hundred and sixty
DS17200-S G4/2L two hundred forty.08 19.05 106.five fifty.8 9.5 50.eight 130 260
P250-G4/2L 250 seventy three 38.5 183.5 82 sixteen one hundred fifteen a hundred and eighty 1200
NE300 250 70 35 a hundred sixty five 75 sixteen a hundred one hundred fifty 1107


Proportions of connected plate
Chain No. d4 (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm)
NE15-101.six ten fifty 50
NE30-152.four fifteen seventy five 70
NE50-152.4 fifteen seventy five 70
NE100-200 fifteen seventy five 70
NE150-two hundred eighteen 100 80
NE300-250 eighteen one hundred forty one hundred
NE300-250A twenty a hundred and forty a hundred
NP152.4 fifteen 75 70
FE12600 15 seventy five 70

For a lot more than 20 a long time, we have concentrated on custom chains.

For a lot more than 20 a long time, We have carried out hundreds of distinct sorts of industrial chains.

So we have a wealth of customized chain experience.

Below are some of the versions of the chains.

Why Choose DCC?
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two.we occupied an spot in excess of 100 thousand sqm,owned standard workshops in excess of 30 hundreds sqm and above 300sets of skilled equipments to produce chains in large-scale as nicely as comprehensive inspection and take a look at gadgets.
three.we handed via the authentications of CZPT:2000 global high quality method and ISO14001 environmental administration method .
four,we have seventy five% of products which are exported to CZPTpe,The us,Japan , Southeast Asia ,and so on,
5.12years factory expertise ,Nearly all the parts are created by our personal factory,therefor we can handle the price and quality.
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Forged Bucket Elevator Conveyor Special Chain with ISO Approved