Customized Metal Conveyor Belt for Processing Productions Line Transfer

Description :
Plate belt is a very robust belt that is manufactured of stainless steel and pushed by sprocket. Ideal for conveying tiny merchandise, easy running, straightforward to preserve, durable, made of plates or hanges connected jointly by implies of cross rods. The belt is almost always equipped with aspect chains. The chains are secured by a ring welded at the cross rods finishes.

Positive aspects of Stainless Metal Perforated Plate CZPT Belt :
1. It can be the shipping of granular supplies, can also be carried into the supply of items.
two. Appropriate for substantial density transportation in modest.
3. Sleek movement,force
4. Handy installation and substitution,high expense,long service life.


3.Perforated Stainless metal wire mesh chain metal plate conveyor belt Software:

one, meals biscuits industries: mesh belt, cooling injection device bending device mesh belt, chocolate coating device b mesh belt. At the identical time production of biscuit machine, spray egg machine b net web belt conveyer, and meat b, ultra-thin energy-preserving mesh belt imported machines. 
two, immediate noodles and rice market Steamed mesh belt, Fried box, drying box, comb wire chopping knife, knife, knife, comb, fulcrum, molding box, and so on.
three, all varieties of frozen meals, dehydrated vegetables assembly line gear with stainless metal flat chain., chip removing chain, conveyor chain, mesh belt, shaft,  etc.
four, glass annealing LuWang, roast flowers LuWang, drop bottle equipment mesh belt, Mosaic, mesh belt, specifications have crankshaft, straight shaft, diamond shaped, twin screw kind.
five, manufacturing all varieties of chain plate turning machine, mesh belt conveyor and style and manufacture of steel mesh chain belt. Is in the production of spring wire diameter selection is .twenty five-14 mm, compression spring, torsion spring, spring, stress spring, butterfly spring, snake spring and so on.

Specification of Perforated Chain Website link Plate CZPT Belt
Material carbon steel, SUS 201 304 316
Plate thickness .8mm 1mm 1.2mm one.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm or CZPT
Perforated hole diameter 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm, etc
Cross rod diameter 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm or CZPT
Chain pitch 19.05mm twenty five.4mm 31.75mm 38.1mm fifty.8mm 76.2mm or CZPT
Width .2m to 4m
Length CZPT

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Customized Metal Conveyor Belt for Processing Productions Line Transfer