3020 Taper Lock Bushings

Tapered locking bushings are developed to mechanically connect 2 or far more shafts and have tapered surfaces. They give adaptability among major and secondary factors and feature ISO-compliant threads and keyways. QTL tapered bushings are mounted on tapered hubs and QTL tapered bushings are mounted on keyways. Both variations are machined to ISO requirements.
The dimensions of the tapered locking bushing are described by 4 digits, such as the flange. The initial 2 digits of the measurement depict the highest bore diameter and the previous 2 digits are the length of the bushing. For example, a 1.5″ diameter tapered locking bushing is 1-1/2″. Equally, metric bore diameters are offered by putting “MM” soon after the metric dimension. Furthermore, the tapered locking bushings are flush with the tapered pulleys and sprockets.

Proportions of the 3020 Taper-Lock Bushings

  • Bushing Amount: 3020
  • Bore: 1″、1/2″、10mm、11/sixteen”、11mm、12mm、13/sixteen”、14mm…..
  • Dimension (A): 4-1/4″
  • Dimension (B): 2″
  • Dimension (D): 4″
  • Quantity Of Set Screws: two
  • Threads: 5/8″
  • Size: 1-1/4″
  • Wrench Torque: 800 LBS
  • Bodyweight: 6.5 LBS


one. Thoroughly clean all oil, dust, and paint from the shaft, bushing holes, bushing exterior, and bores of components (sprockets, pulleys, and many others.).
2. Insert the bushing into the assembly. Match gap designs, not threaded holes (every single gap is threaded on 1 facet only).
3. Thread the set screw or cap screw into the fifty percent-threaded gap revealed below. Set up the assembly on the shaft.
4. Alternately established the torque environment or cap screw* to the advisable torque setting in the table beneath.
5. Fill all unoccupied holes with grease.


one. Get rid of any retaining or cap screws.
2. Insert the set screw or cap screw into the over gap.
3. To reinstall, full all 5 (5) installation recommendations.

How to Choose a Taper Lock Bushing

If you are replacing a transmission bushing, you will need to use a tapered lock bushing. The areas are basic but need to be mounted accurately. To make certain correct features, adhere to the recommendations carefully. Or else, you may harm the bushing and void any manufacturer’s warranty. The size chart underneath can aid you decide on the proper bushing for your needs. Use it as a guidebook when purchasing.
The diameter of the shaft bore and its size determines the size of the Taper-Lock bushing. The taper minimizes the duration of the by means of-gap and makes it possible for the bushing to in shape greater than flanged bushings. The taper is 8 degrees lengthy, so a 1.5″ diameter taper is 1-1/2″ long. For metric applications, the metric designation is “MM”. Taper locking bushings are flush with sprockets or pulleys.
The Taper-Lock bushing system enables the sprocket hub to be smaller than at any time. The through-hole duration dimension has been decreased by about 3%, and the shaft can be mounted near to the bearing without any difficulties. These bushings feature tapered handles with wedge action, creating them easy to set up and get rid of without deforming the shaft. These bushings occur in various sizes and designs.

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