2000bph Small Pet Plastic Glass Bottle Automatic 3-in-1 Monoblock Pure Water Juice Beverage Soft Drink Liquid Filling Packing Machine Production Line

Entire Automated Pure Mineral Water Bottle Filling Equipment

*We source complete resolution for the h2o filling plant ,which includes Drinking water treatment technique / Washing filling capping device / Code sprayer / Computerized labeling device / Automatic packing equipment / Automated Palletizer method


CZPT parameter:

Containers and specs
Task Identify: Entire Computerized Complete Mineral Water 2000-20000bph Creation Line PH≥4.6drinking drinking water
material condition Filling volume(ml) Filling stage(mm) Neck variety
PET Bottle Square or Spherical Bottle 100-2000ml Distance from bottle neck
In accordance ask for
As request
Adjustable specs of the bottle sort Middle Mould Foundation: Bottle diameter ≤105mm  Bottle Height≤335mm
  CZPTers need to purchase extra alter-above elements for the diverse bottles.
If utilizing square bottles, then bottle separating technique will be extra.
Container Label & Control Mode Packaging technique Palletizing system
Scorching Melt Roll-Fed
PVC Shrink Label
Total Label/ Fifty percent Label
Manual  /  Automatic
Packing program Min, Spec. Guide
Low situation gantry palletizer
Robotic Palletizer
Substantial placement gantry palletizer
One Arm Palletizer
Manual Palletizer
Movie shrinker
Wrap About packer
 Robert Packing Machine
User Ambient Conditions: Temperature:10~40ºCHumidity:No dew
Person CZPTal Source Specification Voltage:380V±5%, 3phase Frequency:50HZ±1%

CGF Wash-filling-capping three-in-1unit: Beverage CZPT is utilised to generate polyester bottled mineral water, purified h2o, alcoholic beverage machinery and other non-gasoline beverage machinery. Beverage CZPT can end all the procedure these kinds of as washing bottle, filling and sealing, it can lessen the components and Outsiders touch time, boost the sanitary problems, generation capacity and economic efficiency.
The Total Bottled Mineral Drinking water / Pure Water Generation Line utilised in the beverage filling operations. The 3 functions of bottlewash, fill and seal are composed in 1 entire body of the equipment. The complete approach is computerized.

CZPT Parameter:

Project Identify:
Product CGN8-eight-three CGN14-12-5 CGN18-18-six CGN24-24-8 CGN24-24-8 CGN40-forty-twelve
Potential 2000 6000-8000 6000-8000 8000-12000 13000-15000 16000-18000
Bottle shapes PET circular or square 
Bottle diameter(mm)   Dia50-Dia115mm
Bottle top (mm) 160-320mm
Compressor air stress(Mpa) .3-.7Mpa
Washing meidum Aseptic water 
Rinsing force(Mpa) >0.06Mpa <0.2Mpa
Software                drink water bottling production line
Overall energy (KW) 4.4 four.four four.four five.2 six.two 7.eight
Total dimensions(L*W) 2.three*one.nine two.five*1.9 two.8*two.15 three.1*2.five 3.eight*two.8 4.5*3.three
   Height  two.3m two.5m two.5m 2.5m 2.5m 2.6m
Excess weight(kg) 2500kg 3200kg 4000kg 4500kg 6500kg 8000kg


Washing heads

The rotary disk is entirely created of SUS304 stainless steel. 
Making use of imported special successful spray nozzle, the washing h2o will be sprayed in a distinct angle, can wash any part of the internal wall, rinse with water thoroughly and save flush bottle.
Bottle clamp and lifting mechanism of sliding sleeve adopts Germany Igus corrosion resistant bearing CZPT maintenance.
Washing element moves by a body in the transmission method by means of the gear transmission.


Filling heads

The washing bottle, filling, sealing are connecting with the thumbwheel card bottleneck transportation strategies.
The rotating disk is all manufactured of SUS304 stainless.
Filling approach is fravity filling.
Filling valve produced by SUS304.
The filling valve framework layout is sensible, the filling quantity is correct.


Capping heads

The capping device is the maximum precision in 3-in-one unit machine, on the reliability of gear procedure, has huge impact on the defective charge of the product.Introduced the world’s most innovative Italian AROL capping machine technology, combining with the filling equipment generation encounter improvement, and inquire school of ZheJiang Jiao Tong university mechanical engineering institute of electrical and mechanical design and style and automation technology of specialists and professors to support layout. 

We offer the Full plant turnkey task for pure h2o creation line such as:
1.Drinking water Therapy System, (H2o Filtration)
two.Bottle Blowing Machine,(Generating plastic bottles)
three.Air CZPT,(Transportation empty bottles)
four.Drinking water Filling Machine ,(Filling drinking water into bottles) 
five.Cap elevator, (Transport cap)
6.Blow dryer, (Blow dry drinking water)
7.Flat Convey, (Transport bottle)
eight.Code Sprayer,(Printing the date on the bottle water) 
9.Labeling Equipment ,(Labeling in bottled drinking water)
ten.Bottle Shrink Wrapping Device, (package deal the bottle water) 
eleven.injection molding equipment,(for pet preform)

CGN8-8-3       Bottle Drinking water Washing Filling Capping Device,one,000-two,000 bottles for every hour.
CGN14-12-4   Bottle H2o Washing Filling Capping Device, two,000-3,000 bottles for every hour.
CGN18-18-6   Bottle Water Washing Filling Capping Device,six,000-7,000 bottles for each hour.
CGN24-24-8   Bottle Drinking water Washing Filling Capping Machine,8,000-nine,000 bottles per hour.
CGN32-32-ten Bottle Drinking water Washing Filling Capping Machine,ten,000-12,000 bottles per hour.
CGN40-forty-twelve Bottle H2o Washing Filling Capping Device,12,000-15,000 bottles for each hour.

It is appropriate for making PET plastic bottles from: 250-2000ml
Both round bottle and sq. bottle are CZPT.

Materials: PET Preform, Cap, Raw Drinking water, PVC Label, Roll PE film

Bottling Line for Organic Mineral Ingesting Drinking water, Pure Water, CZPT Drinking water.

Movement chart :
Automatic bottle blowing equipment –> Air conveyor technique–>Washing,filling ,capping 3in1 equipment–>CZPT program–>Automatic sleeve labeling equipment–>Automatic film shrink packing equipment/Carton packing equipment

Main Attributes

1. Using the wind despatched entry and transfer wheel in the bottle straight related technologies canceled screw and conveyor chains, this permit the change the bottle-shaped turn into easier. 

2. Bottles transmission undertake clip bottleneck technologies, bottle-shaped change not want to change the equipment degree, only alter relevant the curved plate, wheel and nylon parts is sufficient.. 

3. The specifically created stainless steel bottle washing device clip is solid and durable, no contact with the screw location of bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution. 

4. High-pace large gravity stream valve filling valve, filling quick, filling accurate and no liquid shed. 

5. Spiraling decrease when output bottle, transform bottle condition no require to change the peak of conveyor chains. 

6. Host undertake superior PLC automatic manage engineering, the important electrical elements from famous firm these kinds of as Japan’s Mitsubishi, France Schneider, OMRON.

A lot more models

CZPT parameter: Water bottling machine
Product CGN8-eight-three CGN14-12-4 CGN18-18-6 CGN24-24-6 CGN32-32-eight CGN40-40-ten
Potential(for 500ml) 2000 3000-4000 6000-8000 8000-12000 13000-15000 16000-18000
Suitable bottle shapes PET round or sq.
Bottle diameter(mm) Dia50-Dia115mm
Bottle height (mm) 160-320mm
Compressor air .three-.7MPa
Washing meidium Aseptic drinking water
Rinsing pressure >0.06MPa <0.2MPa
Application H2o bottling device
Whole electrical power (KW) four.4kw four.4kw 4.4kw 5.2kw 6.2kw seven.8kw
All round proportions 2.3*one.9m two.5*1.9m 2.eight*two.15m three.one*two.5m 3.eight*two.8m four.five*3.3m
Peak two.3m two.5m 2.5m 2.5m two.5m 2.6m
Excess weight(kg) 2500kg 3200kg 4000kg 4500kg 6500kg 8000kg 

Auxiliary devices


RO h2o therapy method

We adopt various products to make pure h2o, mineral drinking water etc. The main equipment of RO Water Remedy Plant are silica sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, hollow fiber, RO( reverse osmosis), UV sterilizer, precision filter, ozone generator, water tank and so on.  It can successfully get rid of muddy natural matter, iron, manganese and many others, reduce the hardness of the drinking water to make all requirements of the drinking water quality completely meet up with the state refreshing drinking water common of new consume drinking water.

Blow molding system

one. Superb Mechanical Toughness, influence-resisting, and non-craking. 
two. Bottle mouth and thread are of specific measurement.
3. CZPT Drugs Bottle’s secure thread can be molding straight.
four. The dimensions and fat of the product can estimate and design evidently and satisfy the prerequisite of the design CZPT any deviation. 
5. The surface area of the bottle mouth, neck and the human body is great luster and smoothness, the regular of bottle body is unity. 
six. The joint seam on the bottle body is smooth, no scrap rubber. 

Computerized labeling machine

1. Shrink Labeling Device For Sleeve adpots PLC programmable controller,imported servo motor,servo driver, frequency converter and transducer.
2. Shrink Labeling Equipment For Sleeve adopts the positioning module to guarantee the casting label specific,speedy and stable.
3. Our Shrink Labeling Equipment For Sleeve not only has a hugely exact placement for casting label, but also endure the perfect form of the bottle right after shrinkage.

PE movie packaging equipment

Automated PE film warmth shrink wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping of this sort of merchandise as pop leading, mineral drinking water , bottles. beer, drinks and many others. Working with PE film shrink tunnel to pack the products perfectly , the whole generation process adopts the Germany superior technics, and the primary parts are imported from worldwide well-known firms. It is made up of seven actuating motor, by way of cooperation with seven actuating motor to sort the merchandise packed with plastic film and several bottles as a group out from the very hot shrinking packing equipment.

To support our clients create an perfect manufacturing unit. With successful expense management, we have identified the proper harmony with our customers: diversified manufacturing assortment, large-course packaging types. In the meantime market place competitivness has been improved due to the fact of the productive procedure method of equipments.



CZPTized workshop of overall thirty,000 sq. m CZPTized workshop of total thirty,000 square meters.
With a a lot more than thirty experts group to style and build, is a crucial professional organization, which integrates advancement, research, style, manufacture, technological innovation service and advertising and marketing.
CZPT follows CZPT:2000, CE Certificate , SGS , COC , TUV global good quality management method. The gear will be analyzed and run for 24 hrs just before leaving the factory, to make sure the easy operating of drinking water pipeline, and pneumatic, electrical and mechnical security. Professional installation group who are seasoned technician, Supply gear quality set up providers.

Q1: Do you have reference task?
A1: We have reference task in most nations around the world,If we get the authorization of the consumer who has brought the equipment from us ,we can inform you their get in touch with imformation,you can go to vist their manufacturing unit.
And you are constantly welcome to occur to go to our company,and see the machine managing in our manufacturing unit,we can pick you up from the station around our city.
Get in touch with our sales men and women you can get online video of our reference operating equipment
Q2: Do you have agent and right after-support stations?
A2: So significantly we have agent in Yemen,Nigeria,Dubai,India,Kenya,Dubai welcome to sign up for us!
Q3: Do you supply CZPT services
A3: We can design and style the machines according your requirements(materil ,electrical power,filling kind,the varieties of the bottles,and so on),at the exact same time we will give you our professional suggestion,as you know,we have been in this market for several many years.
This autumn: What is actually your promise or the warranty of the high quality if we get your devices?
A4: We provide you high good quality devices with 1 year promise and offer existence-long specialized assistance.
Q5: How prolonged time for set up?
A5: According your devices get,we will ship one or two engineers to your plant,it will just take about ten days to twenty five times.

2000bph Small Pet Plastic Glass Bottle Automatic 3-in-1 Monoblock Pure Water Juice Beverage Soft Drink Liquid Filling Packing Machine Production Line