(1) Optimization style of primary parameters such as for example center range and ratio. High interchangeablity for

main components

(2) Gears are created from high-class alloy steel, with carburization and quenching treatment. Gear surface

hardness of HRC54 – 58.

(3) Compact size, light weight, excessive precision, big carring capacity, high efficiency, long support life, high

reliability, stable transmitting, low noise.

(4) Normally oil sump lubrication is used, with cooling naturally. If thermal electric power cannot be achieved,

circular oil lubrication, admirer, cooling coil pipe can be utilized.
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WP model 40~250 reducer model is made of cast iron cast in aluminum mould. The shape is beautiful and strong, and can be used through multi-directional Settings.
WP series reducer, worm is made of 45 # high quality steel by heat therapy, and worm wheel is cast with tin bronze. It has good wear resistance, especially in bearing capacity. It is mainly ideal for deceleration transmission of various mechanical tools such as plastics, metallurgy, beverage, mine, transportation, etc, lifting and chemical engineering.
Product Application
NMRV reducer is trusted in food, leather, textile, glass, ceramics, medical, chemical industry, light industry and various other mechanical equipment, reduction travel, is modernization drive program to realize single travel and on the creation line, the best choice of the electromechanical integration.

Main Features
1. The shape of square box, high quality metal alloy pressure casting package body, beautiful and generous.

2.NMRV alloy reducer (NRV dual rate reducer) has excellent temperature dissipation performance and great carrying capacity.

3. Multi-face set up, hollow output shaft composition, with various input, end result mode, and easy to combine with other equipment, adaptable.

4.NMRV alloy reducer (NMRV dual swiftness reducer) transmission is steady, calm, noiseless, reliable, efficient and safe.
Product Application

S series is one kind of Helical worm gearbox, built as Modularization and high-stainless cast iron circumstance. It is combination of helical equipment and worm equipment, which with higher efficiency and strength than simple lightweight aluminum alloy worm gearbox. Because of their outstanding productivity, these drives can be utilized in every professional sector and tailored to individual torque and quickness requirements. The apparatus ratios afforded by the helical-worm gear level and the reduced noise levels during procedure make these gearmotors ideal low-cost solutions for straight forward applications.
Ideal for the machinery and devices of following industry:
• Conveyor & Material handling
• Mining & Quarry
• Crusher & Cement
• Automatic production line & Mixer
• Transport & Packaging
• Food machine & Beverage
• Construction & Metal processing
• Plastic & Chemical industry

Product advantages

1. There is a combination of helical gear and worm equipment to increase the torque and performance of the machine. This series of products has full specifications, wide speed assortment, good versatility, adapt to various installation methods, efficiency, safety and reliability, long service life, and implementation of international standards.

2. The top of body possesses concave and convex warmth low temperature rise, dissipation, low sound and strong vibration absorption.

3. The machine has good sealing efficiency and good adaptability to the working environment.

4. The machine has high transmission accuracy, especially suitable for employed in places with regular starting. It might be connected with numerous kinds of reducers and built with numerous kinds of motor drives. It could be installed in the 90-degree transmission operation position.

5. The key parts of the geared motor adopt high wear-resistant materials and have special heat treatment. It gets the characteristics of high processing precision, stable transmission, small volume bearing capability and long service life.

6. The reducer can be equipped with various types of motors to create an electromechanical integration, which fully guarantees the product quality characteristics of the merchandise.
When the RV reducer is working outdoors, it should be protected from sun protection, anti-collision and rain. RV reducer ought to be placed on a flat or rigid support surface, and prevent all foreseeable vibrations around. It is advisable to pre-tighten with a washer. The bolts in the RV gearbox should retain enough lubricant and check regularly. This series of reducer is a common design, applied when the ambient temperatures does not go beyond + 40 °C. When setting up the pinion equipment at the end result shaft end of the RV reducer, when the coupling or the pulley can be used, the shaft end screw hole pressing method is adopted. It really is strictly forbidden to hammer. RV reducer avoids mixing synthetic oil with mineral oil. RV reducer can be operated for the first time for 150 time, and should be changed after re-lubricating. The oil transformation interval is approximately 4,000 hours.

Pay focus to the following ideas when installing and installing the gear unit
As demonstrated in Figure 1, the gear unit should be securely mounted on the device to avoid vibration.
2. Check the correct rotation way of the output shaft before assembling the reducer on the mechanical tools.
3. When the reducer is placed for an especially long time frame (4~6 months), if the oil seal is not immersed in the lubricating essential oil and exposed, be sure you replace the essential oil seal. This is as the rubber will adhere to the shaft and actually lose its elasticity. . Need to fully restore its overall performance.
As displayed in Figure 4, whenever possible, avoid the reducer exposed to direct sunlight and harsh environments.
5. Place the enthusiast head in the surroundings duct to make sure that the electric motor cools in the correct way.
As shown in Figure 6, please call our technical section if the ambient temp is below -5 ° C or perhaps above 40 ° C.
7, cannot paint the paint on the rubber parts.
8, the torque is slowly but surely increased after starting, cannot load the utmost load together.