For many years today Roots vacuum pumps have been well established in the region of vacuum technology. In combination with backing pumps, which compress against the atmosphere, these pumps offer plenty of advantages.


The main advantage of roots vacuum pump is a high pumping speed at the lower inlet pressure with high ultimate vacuum. Because the pump running parts haven’t any contact, such as rotors and the finish cover, therefore the pump efficiency is certainly stable and long service time. low maintenance cost


They’re trusted in vacuum smelting, vacuum welding, vacuum casting, vacuum coating, vacuum drying, vacuum dynamic experiment and chemical substance pharmaceutical, electric vacuum gadget manufacturing industries.

In view of the chemical, pharmaceutical and various other industries require large vapor degassing capablity. the sealing structure of roots vacuum pump chamber and the bearing chamber offers improved, which significantly reducing the bearing cavity and gear cavity oil emulsification. Hence, roots vacuum pump is definitely more suitable for pumping large quantities of water vapor and solvent with water ring vacuum pump.