Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire

hot dipped galvanized razor barbed wire
Razor Barbed Wire
has three varieties ,One Loop Razor Barbed Wire, 

Cross Sort Razor Barbed Wire , Flat warp razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire Matrial:Electro galvanized core wire and blade
                                     hot-dipped galvanized main wire and blade
                                    stainess metal core wire and blade
                                     PVC coated main wire and blade
One Loop Razor Barbed Wire is also known as one coil razor barbed wire, it really is mounted CZPT clips and
runs in natural loops on the leading of walls or fencings. Single loop razor barbed wire is restless and can
be very easily installed

Cross Type Razor Barbed Wire it truly is also known as CZPT Loops Razor Barbed Wire or Concertina Barbed Wire.
It’s created by two parts of stainless steel razor wire or Zinc-coated Wire which are
sure collectively by clips to make it stronger.
 The tactics of razor barbed wire: We punch and minimize the steel plate into sharp blade strip,
then enwrap the mid-carbon steel wire (cored wire).is a new de fencing item which is fetched from overseas.
Sharp razor barbed wire has a snake-formed, constituted by mounted double strand razor wire.
Terrifying any person who want to get shut to the fence. Truly, people will be harm as soon as get across it.
The influence is obvious.
 It is simply and expediently set up, welcome by army and law enforcement.
It has been commonly utilized in airport, crucial armed forces sites, border line, jail, federal government, financial institution,
bounding wall of villa, highway, fence of railway and and many others. in numerous countries.
Cross variety razor barbed wire: The near two razor wire are intently combined by a clip, up,
down and sideways are interwoven and meshed with every single other.

Flat warp razor barbed wire is a new variety of razor barbed wire. Metal Tec press the single loop razor
barbed wire into flat, or push two loops into flat then grow them across. We usually use it with each other
with beenline razor barbed wire to develop a defencing wall, or use it alone as a fence.
It is generally employed in neighborhood, storehouse, mine, jail, important websites of 
Countrywide Defence, and many others.

Product Thickness Wire Dia Length Width Spacing
BTO-10 .5mm 2.5mm 12mm 13mm 26mm
BTO-twelve .5mm two.5mm 12mm 15mm 26mm
BTO-18 .5mm two.5mm 18mm 15mm 33mm
BTO-22 .5mm 2.5mm 22mm 15mm 34mm
BTO-28 .5mm two.5mm 28mm 15mm 34mm
BTO-30 .5mm 2.5mm 30mm 18mm 34mm
CBT-sixty .6mm 2.5mm 60mm 32mm 96mm
CBT-65 .6mm two.5mm 65mm 21mm 100mm


solitary loop razor barbed wire(solitary coil)
Out diameter No. of loops CZPT protect size Blade Type Remark
450mm 33 7-8M CBT-sixty.65 Solitary coil
500mm 56 12-13M CBT-60.sixty five Single coil
700mm fifty six 13-14M CBT60.65 Solitary coil
960mm fifty six 14-15M CBT60.65 Single coil

Cross kind razor bared wire:

Cross variety razor barbed wire (double loops)
450mm 56 8-9M(3CLIPS) BTO-10.twelve. Cross type
500mm 56 nine-10M(3CLIPS) BTO-ten.12.eighteen.22.28.thirty Cross sort
600mm 56 ten-11M(3CLIPS) BTO-10.twelve.eighteen.22.28.thirty Cross kind
600mm fifty six eight-10M(5CLIPS) BTO-ten.12.eighteen.22.28.thirty Cross kind
700mm 56 10-twelve(5CLIPS) BTO-ten. Cross sort
800mm fifty six 11-thirteen(5CLIPS) BTO-ten.twelve.eighteen.22.28.thirty Cross type
900mm 56 12-14(5CLIPS) BTO-10.twelve.18.22.28.thirty. Cross type
960mm 56 13-15(5CLIPS) BTO-10.12.eighteen.22.28.thirty Cross sort
980mm 56 14-sixteen(5CLIPS) BTO-ten.12.eighteen.22.28.30 Cross type

Flat warp razor barbed wire

width loops/roll size/roll blade sort
450mm 126 16M BTO-ten,12,18,22,28,thirty
600mm 95 16M BTO-ten,twelve,eighteen,22,28,30
900mm sixty three 16M BTO-10,12,18,22,28,thirty
1100mm 51 16M BTO-10,12,eighteen,22,28,thirty


wrapped with plastic fabric inside of, plastic woven bag outside the house.CZPTy twenty bundles are wrapped with metal strip, into
one huge bundle. Barbed Wire: 100m/roll, 250m/roll, or as call for.

Organization data
ZheJiang Shengmai CZPT Substance Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2008,
we are expert metal fence producer covering an region of twenty,00 M2 with yearly turnover of 10 hundreds of thousands bucks.
Our primary merchandise covaring: welded mesh fence panels,group handle barricades,
short-term fences,chain url fence,CZPT fence,grassland fence,hexagonal wire netting,wire mesh,
barbed wire,and fences for civil initiatives as effectively as other purposes.
Why choose Shengmai:
the very best good quality of plastic coating ( Akzo Nobel coatings ) 
galvanized coating (previously mentioned 80g)
Pick the large quality resources (from Shougang or other popular steel mill )
great tensile power (at the very least 500 N)
there is a professional crew to take a look at the items on regular
More information, welcome below.
Anne Cao


Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire