High  High Quality Price Ratio Load-Capacity UHMWPE HDPE PE Material Sheet

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HangZhou EPG Engineering Building Co., Ltd is a thorough enterprise which focus on manufacturing, development and sale of engineering plastics, rubber and multiply non-metallic products considering that 2015
We have set up a excellent track record and built prolonged-phrase& secure cooperation partnership with many domestic organizations and gradually step out to cooperate with abroad businesses in southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, South America, Europe and other regions.
Our principal products: Ultra higher molecular bodyweight polyethylene, MC nylon, PA6, POM, HDPE, PP,PU, Pc, PVC, Abdominal muscles, ACRYLIC,PTFE, PEEK, PPS,PVDF.

UHMW-PE Device Plastic sheet

Ultra Higher Molecular Fat Polyethylene(UHMWPE) occupies the severe stop of the polyethylene performance spectrum. With a molecular fat ranging from 3 to 9 million g/mol, UHMPEW linear polymer chains are ten instances longer than traditional Large Density Polyethylene(HDPE).

Outstanding homes for UHMWPE

one.Abrasive resistance which often have in thermoelectricity polymer.
2.Best shock resistance even in minimal temperature.
three.Low frictional aspect, and nicely sliding bearing substance
four.Lubricity ( no caking, in adhesionEPG is ready to cooperate sincerely and develop frequently with friends!)
five.Very best chemical corrosion resistance and stress trend resistance
six.Superb machinery approach capacity
seven.Most affordable h2o absorption(<0.01%)
eight.Paragon electrical insulativity and antistatic actions
9.Nice substantial vitality radioactive resistance
ten.Density is decrease than other thermoplastics (< 1g/cm3)
eleven.Lengthy making use of temperature variety: -269°C–90°C

This exclusive molecular framework provides UHMWPE exceptional homes like beneath:

 Uhmwpe house examination iterm Specialized index Test outcome
Density .94-one. .958
Drinking water absorbtion rate %(23ºC,24h) ≤0.01 .006
Tensile power MPa ≥20 fifty three
Tensile elongation break % ≥100 300
Charpy notched influence energy KJ/M2 ≥100 180
Rockwell hardness ≥50 62.4
Distortion temperature ≥80 90
Oxygen index ≥25 27.6
Use-resisting home ≤1.0×10-4 No clear change
Vicat softening point ≥125 135

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