Conveyor Chains for Asphalt Production

Paver Chain 
As its title suggests, the paver chain is especially created for highway pavers. Comparable roller chains for
other types of engineering automobiles are also CZPT.
The engineering class chain is developed in double strand chain structure, and has a scraper welded
in between the two strands of chains. For firm welding, the associated sidebars are punched with area
holes, and then a hydraulic push is used to push the scraper into the hole before welding. Made
of carton steel been through warmth remedy, the scraper delivers greater power and far better sporting
resistance. To reduce the hole amongst the chain and the involving highway development gear, a
area grinding machine is utilized to generate great smoothness for scraper surfaces.


Chain No. Pitch P (mm) Diameter of roller d1 (max) (mm) Interior width of interior website link b1(min) (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (max) (mm) Length of pin L (max) (mm) Top of sidebar h2 (max) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (mm) Tensile strength Q (min) (KN)
SS40 seventy 31.75 31.4 15.88 89.two 15.88 265
SS40SL 78.1 31.seventy five 31.75 15.88 89.65 38 15.88 213

Assembly dimensions of beam and chain

Code D B
SS40SL-141-00 424.sixty six 542.93
SS40SL-a hundred and forty four-00 381.79 500.06
SS40SL-a hundred forty five-00 570.seventy one 588.ninety six
SS40SL-146-00 470.sixty nine 588.96
SS40SL-148-00 424.66 542.ninety three
SS40SL-one hundred fifty-00

The above patterns and procedures effectively prolong the lifespan of our paver chain.


Conveyor Chains for Asphalt Production