Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line Poultry Feed Fertilizer Production Line Price

rooster feed pellet generation line poultry feed fertilizer manufacturing line value

Uncooked content to make fertilizer
1. Agricultural squander: straw, dregs of beans, cotton dregs, rice bran,etc.
2. Animal manure: combination of poultry litter (PL) and animal waste(AW),this kind of as,
 Slaughterhouse Squander,Fish Marketplace,Urine and dung of cattle,Pigs,Sheep,Hen,
   Ducks, Geese,Goat.etc.
three.CZPT waste: wine lees, vinegar residue, manioc squander, sugar scum, furfural residue and so forth.
four. Home scrap: meals squander, bones, the roots and leaves of vegetables, and so forth.
5. Sludge: the sludge of the river, the sewer, etc 

Natural fertilizer creation line, Organic fertilizer production machinery, Organic and natural fertilizer tools, which includes fermenting device, damp substance crusher, mixer, disk granulator, dryer, cooler, conveyor, cooler, coating equipment,  packing machine, and so forth

Completed product 

Major method of organic and natural fertilizer generating device production line

1.Materials fermentation procedure,: Which plays the preliminary but indispensable position in the whole creation line . The temperature of the components must be managed meticulously to avert the temperature becoming way too large to inhibit the activity of microbes and enzymes. Two kinds of compost turner are widely utilised to switch and mix the compost and speed up the fermentation speed . Self-propelled compost turner and hudraucli compost turner

two.Crushing process :The fermented resources enter into the semi-wet content crusher, which can crush fermented supplies with moisture articles in 30%. The size can achieve twenty-thirty mesh .vertical chain crusher and double shaft horizontal crusher , two type of crushing machine can be utilised to crush lump compost fertilzier raw materials
3. MHangCZPT method ,: After crushing, auxiliary materials are extra into the resources in accordance to the method and blended in the mixer. Two sort of mixing machine are used to blend raw components in the fertilizer production line . horizontal mixer and vertical mixer

four. Granulator process , Granulating approach is the core portion in this production line . So we pick the ideal design of fertilzer granulator according to consumers detainled prerequisite , we have disc granulator , double roller granulator ,rotaty drum granulator , new organic fertilizer granulator ,flat die pellet device. In common disc granulator equipment and rotary drum granulator can be selected to granulate the components evently

5. Drying approach : When granulating , the dampness of fertilizer raw materials must be less than 2%, so we should dry the uncooked substance if the moisture is far more than 25%. Rotary dryer is mainly used for drying the fertilizer with specific degree of humidity and partilce dimensions .

six. Rotary drum cooling machine : Which is used for cooling fertilizer to make fertilizer particles more powerful .

seven.  Rotary drum screening machine : Which is utilized to individual the granules from the huge particles which need to be returned for the 2nd crushing and granulating ,

8.rotary drum coating machine is used to coat the fertilzer and avert the fertilizer from sticking jointly

nine.  Packaging approach: fertilizer packaging device can package deal baggage quantitatively and instantly



Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line Poultry Feed Fertilizer Production Line Price