3t Manual Chain Hoist   Chain Block   Chain Pulley

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3t Handbook Chain CZPT Chain Block &lparWith Overload Protection&rpar

Guide Tool&colon Chain Block alternate identify-Chain CZPT&period of time

CZPT—handbook chain block&colon Small&comma lightweight chain block for use in restricted areas&period Involves mechanical load brake&period Aluminum alloy forge include&comma far more gentle more effortless for Have&period used for CZPT hoisting operation this sort of as mining&comma development
Hardened alloy steel chains&period Heat handled and floor gears&comma shafts and pinions&period of time
Examined and certified to CE&comma SGS&comma ISO requirements&interval

Potential&colon three ton

1 Ton Chain Block&semi 10′ standard lift&semi one&sol4″ diameter
CZPT raise is 3M&period Other top of lift is also CZPT Upon ask for&period of time
Thick steel building&semi triple geared&semi drop solid safety hooks&semi and heat handled
With Overload Safety&comma a lot more security&interval
Conforms to AS1418&period2 requirements&period
Stand Functions&colon

1&period Seal sort caged ball bearings on load sprocket&period

two&period Caged roller CZPT on &commaain shaft&lparMinimize handbook energy many thanks to effective drive practice&rpar

three&period superior design and style of prime hook holders for double&solseveral columns of load chains

4&period Experience extraordinary longevity many thanks to all-steel development that includes rugged equipment scenario enclosure and handwheel cover&time period

5&period Enjoy elevated lifting top thanks to minimal headroom&interval

six&period Grade one hundred heat-treated galv&period of time Alloy load chain resists abrasion and put on while reducing chain excess weight&period

seven&period Reinforced double pawl brake method and bigger dia&interval Pawl springs ensure reputable brake&period of time

Optional Characteristics&colon

Overload protection system&time period
Innovated layout of fused brake disc&interval
Thrust CZPTs in bottom hook assembly
Easy removable leading hook&period

Design                                                         HSZ
Ability&lpart&rpar &period5 1 1&period5 two three five
CZPT lifting height&lparm&rpar two&period5 two&period5 2&period5 2&period5 3 three
Runing test load&lpart&rpar &period625 1&period25 one&period875 two&period5 3&period75 six&period25
CZPTroom H&lparmm&rpar 345 376 442 470 548 688
Load chain dia&period of time&lparmm&rpar Columns one one 1 one 1 two
Dia&plusPitch 5&ast15 6&ast18 seven&ast21 8&ast24 ten&ast28 nine&ast27
Effort to require to lift max&periodload&lparN&rpar 235 245 255 324 363 353
Dimension&lparmm&rpar A 148 172 196 210 255 280
B 132 151 173 175 205 189
C 25 thirty 33 35 forty forty two
D 31&period5 37&period5 forty two&period5 forty five 50 53
N&periodW&time period&lparkg&rpar nine&period3 twelve&period2 16&period5 19&period5 32 forty one&period1
Packing measurements&lparlxwxh&rpar &lparmm&rpar thirty&ast17&ast18 32&ast18&ast19 37&ast20&ast24 37&ast20&ast24 forty three&ast40&ast30 47&ast44&ast35&period5
Extra weight per meter of extra lift&lparkg&rpar one one&period29 1&period61 one&period92 two&period68 four&period1

3t Manual Chain Hoist   Chain Block   Chain Pulley